Expanded vocational curriculum

We continue to provide a supportive and creative community for immigrant and low-income young women of color who face significant barriers to their education, employment and financial self-sufficiency; barriers like poverty, discrimination and neighborhood violence.

We continue to create a curriculum and environment that builds self-esteem and confidence, collaboration skills and sisterhood for high-potential young women so they can thrive today and in the future.



What is new and exciting: Fall 2017

We started a one-of-a-kind intergenerational vocational arts sewing class at Independence High School in partnership with Success Center San Francisco, which has a successful GED program at Independence. Our class includes GED students, high school students and community members, ages 13-75. This program is an exciting concept, and we are thrilled to be part of this creative and bold adventure.



Since 2007 Turning Heads has collaborated with the Felton Institute/Family Service Agency at Hill Top High School, SFUSD high school for pregnant and teen Moms, and provided two ten week sessions of vocational arts sewing instruction. We offer hand and machine sewing, basic design, construction and exposure to the principles of entrepreneurship.

What is new and exciting: Fall 2016

Our long term, 11 years long, after school sewing program at Hill Top is now integrated into the school day. Our students receive credit toward graduation for attending Turning Heads vocational arts sewing classes. The result is a hugh success: more students attend, our class has stabilized and students are making exciting projects. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.